Class Presentations: Spring 2024

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(Note: Some of these files are protected with a password that was given to class participants by their instructor. Passwords are different for each of these locked files.)

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Spring 2024 Classes

The Amazing Life and Times of Pacific Salmon

Michael Healey

Documents are NOT Password protected:

A participant posed the question, what is the relative sense of smell in salmon vs dogs. Here is the answer: Sense of smell in salmon vs dogs

History of Homes

History of Home

Rosemary Bates Terry & Christine Pawley

Password-protected documents:

Are We Alone?

Ray Kostaschuk

Password-protected documents:


To the Barricades: Revolution in Europe

Keith Maxwell

Password-protected documents:

Here are the Resources provided by Theresa from the Sechelt Library, No password required:

How Ethnic, Religious & Nationalist Forces Affect World Conflict

Eric Gorham

Password-protected documents:


Preview of the Festival of the Written Arts

Moderators/Presenters: Alison, Rhian, Rhonda, Cindy, Ruth

Close-up view of books, notebook with pencil and cup of coffee on wooden table

Law for Seniors

Robert Hart

Password-protected documents: