Instructions for using Zoom

Instructions for using Zoom

Since ElderCollege decided to go on-line with its courses for the Fall 2020 Program using Zoom you find here some useful information.

There are two options for participating in a Zoom Session:

First option – you can use the full Zoom software application to participate in the presentation. To do that you will need to register an account with Zoom – it is easy, and it is free. Here is the link to establish an account – 

Once you are registered, it is recommended that you download the application on your computer and get signed in. Here is the link to do that –  

You can wait and download the application when you join your first meeting, but we recommend that you download it ahead of time and get familiar with the application. 

Second Option – you can join the session using a web browser. You will receive an email invitation to the session the day before the session starts. When you are ready to join the session (up to 30 minutes prior to start time) you can do so by clicking on the link in the invitation email and a dialogue box will come up. Click on the link in that box that says, “join from a browser.” This will allow you to join without downloading the Zoom application software. Zoom notes that the experience for the meeting using a browser is limited. Please note that some participants have noted difficulties using the browser option with different browsers.

We recommend downloading the software as the best option.

Zoom – Security and Privacy

When the surge of online communications and meetings occurred in the spring following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns were expressed over Zoom security and potential privacy violations. Since that time Zoom had taken several precautions and system modifications to address those concerns. Zoom now uses high quality end-to-end encryption and allows users to select which data centres will be used for their meetings. Additionally, they have put in place several software capabilities that enhance security. Elder College has implemented all those measures. Zoom is now used extensively by the government of Canada, including Parliament and the Department of National Defence. The Elder College considers Zoom a sufficiently secure platform for its use.

To register for Zoom registrants are required to provide some personal information, including their email address. As a policy, Zoom has stated publicly that they will not share registrant’s personal information with a third party.   

The Sunshine Coast Elder College also uses some private information, including telephone numbers and email addresses. The Society has a strict policy that none of that data will be shared with or provided to any third party. The only information retained over a longer period is a database of email addresses. They are used solely for the purpose of distributing information related to the Elder College, including notices and upcoming courses. Recipients of our Newsletters always have the option to unsubscribe.

For more information on how to use Zoom, here are a number of useful links:

1- To the Sechelt Library page about Zoom, including instructions for downloading and using the Zoom application and a further link to Zoom instructional videos –

Sechelt Library Zoom Instructions

2- To the Gibsons Library October 2020 Zoom Clinics

3- To the website of the North Shore ElderCollege page with useful informations about Zoom,   North Shore ElderCollege

4- Here is a link to the Zoom website with a tutorial video that shows you how to register with Zoom and download their software. Do not be overly concerned about the extensions – We don’t use them.