Class Presentations

Class Presentations

Below you’ll find digital copies of handouts from recent seasons’ classes. Once each of your Spring 2021 classes start, we will email you to let you know where you can get your handouts.

(Note: Some of these files are  locked with a password that was given to class participants by their instructor. Passwords are different for each of these locked files.)

If you have difficulty opening the file online, try downloading it to your computer first, then opening it and applying the password.

Fall 2021 Classes

The Secret World of the Microscope
Michael Bradley

Week 1 presentation
Week 2 presentation
Week 3 presentation
Week 4 presentation
Choosing a Microscope pdf (detailed)
Choosing a Microscope (link) (great site!)
The Interesting Paramecium (link)

Do Not Fall for Fraud
Staff Sgt. Poppy Hallam
Const. Jihan McDougall

Mass Marketing
Preventing Elder Abuse



Shakespeare – Contemporaries and Conspiracies
Viveca Ohm

Contemporaries & Conspiracies
Ciphers to Bacon
Oxford-the Aristocratic Shakespeare
Marlowe and Shakespeare Final



Ecology of the Salish Sea
Michael Jackson, John Field, Jenn Blancard

Week 1 Michael  slides
Link to SeaDoc Society
Link to OceanWise
PH Coastal Waters Monitoring Program
Jenn’s creek video

Introduction to Regional Districts
Donna McMahon

Week1 An introduction
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4


Plant Based nutrition
Deborah and Gerry Pageau         The Power Plate | How to Eat Healthy | Melita's Table

Week 1 Environment
Week 2 Herbivore Digestive Physiology
Week 3


Thormanby Island
Peter Hews

Igneous Rocks
The Derby
Microscope images
Quaternary pt1
Quaternary pt2
Field trip

Spring 2021 Classes

Spring Birding

Sechelt Marsh
Sargeant Bay
Mahon Trail
Backyard Birds
Birding ID Tips

Law for Seniors (protected)

Carmen Sombrowski,
Mark C. Stevens & Spencer Keys

Week 1 (Advanced Care Planning)
Week 2 (Estate Litigation)
Week 3 (Estate Planning)

Nat. Historic Sites (protected)

Michael Starr

Week 1
Week 2
HMS Erebus exploration video link
Week 3

Restorative Justice

Nancy Denham

Week 1 slides
Week 2 slides
Week 3 slides


Festival of the Written Arts Preview

Pam Horner and Kit Artus

Reading list – morning class
Reading list – afternoon class

Astrogeomorphology (protected)

Ray Kostaschuk
Week part 1
Impact Craters

A History of Rome, Monarchy & Republic  (protected)

Keith Maxwell

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Design your own Garden (protected)

Ayuko Inoue

Week 1: Outline and 1st steps
Week 2: Home Garden Design
Week 4:
Week 5:

A History of the Garden (protected)

Rosemary Bates Terry & Christine Pawley
Week 1: Origins
Week 2: Flowerings
Week 3: Growth&Propagation
Week 4: Lessons from Gardens

Fall 2020 Classes

An Intro. to Astronomy (protected)
By Members of S.C .Astronomy Club
Week 1: S.C Astronomy Club
Week 1: Astronomy Basics
Week 1: Star Hopping
Week 2: History of Astronomy
Week 3: Star Cruising
Week 4: Stellarium
Week 4: What next?
Week 4: LEO satellites/space junk
Week 4: The Stuff of the Universe

What’s happening in the Sky this month? (SCAC site)
RASC Binocular guide
RASC Telescope guide
RASC Getting Started
Reading list

Link to Image Stabilised Bino. review
Link to Clear Dark Sky charts for Sunshine Coast
Link to Stargazing apps for mobile phones

Canadian History (protected)
Keith Maxwell

Week 1 slides
Week 2 slides
Week 3 slides
Week 4 slides

Judith Gordon
(not protected)

Week 1 slides
Paul Hawken video (link)
Week 2 slides
Week3 slides
TED Coundown talks (link) 
Week 4 slides
CBC Marketplace Youtube link

Restorative Justice
Nancy Denham
(not protected)

Mythical Creatures in Art and Culture
Viveca Ohm             

Week 1 slides
Week 2 slides
Week 3 slides

Spring 2020 Classes

Social Media Bootcamp (protected),
Julie Rogers

A History of Drink and  Drinking (protected)
Rosemary Bates Terry  and Christine Pawley

Take Care of your Health (protected)
various presenters

Speculative Fiction, Daniel Heath Justice (protected)

Carbonate Geology on the Sunshine Coast, Peter Hews (protected)

Fall 2019 Classes

Living In and With the Anthropocene Michael Bradley (protected)

Solar Energy  Gerry Pageau (protected)

Plant Based Nutrition Deborah and Gerry Pageau (protected)

History of Western Theatre (protected) presented by Viveca Ohm

Geology of Thormanby Island (protected)presented by Peter Hews