2022 Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

Presented by:

Dr. Rachel H. White

Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,

University of British Columbia


Did last year's heat dome make you uncomfortable? Were you appalled at the destructive flooding and landslides caused by the series of atmospheric rivers in the fall?

Have you been following the devastating wildfires in California and Europe this summer, as well as the heatwave that is baking Great Britain and the US Midwest?

Are you wondering what is going on with the weather? Do technical terms like "Heat Dome" and "Atmospheric River" confuse you?

Are you, maybe, a bit frightened by these extreme events coming one after the other? This year's Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture will explain it all in easily understood language.

The lecture will be delivered by Professor Rachel White, from Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at UBC. Professor White is an atmospheric scientist who specializes in what causes extreme weather events and how they are changed by Global Heating. She is a skilled communicator who wins prizes for explaining these complex topics to children, all while doing acrobatics on a trapeze. Come and be amazed at this year's FREE Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture.

Event Details

Date and Time: September 17, 2022  Saturday, 2pm - 4pm
Registration is not required for this event.

Venue: Chatelech High School Theatre, Sechelt

Audience size will be restricted to allow for safe social distancing and we strongly encourage all participants to wear masks.

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