Use the button above to view the courses being offered in our current or upcoming semester and to register for them.

Listed below are various pages you may find useful during or after the registration process:

How to Register: This page explains how the registration process works. If you haven't attended an ElderCollege course before, you may wish to read this before you register. It includes a link to a video that shows you each step.

Cart: When you've added some courses to your 'shopping cart', and want to see what is in the cart and complete payment, visit this page.

Checkout: When you've added all the courses you want to the 'shopping cart' and are ready to pay, visit this page to provide your contact information and complete payment.

My Account: If you want to update your contact information or see which courses you've registered for previously, visit this page.

Instructions for Using Zoom: If your course is going to be held online, visit this page for information on how to use Zoom - the application we use for online courses.