Sunshine Coast Elder College

Who We Are

Who We Are

Meet the people behind Sunshine Coast ElderCollege

The Board of Directors:


        2019 to 2020

  • Ann Hopkins, Chair
  • Mary Beth Knechtel, Vice-chair
  • Thomas Kern, Past-chair
  • Bill Climie, Treasurer
  • Loraine Gallant, Secretary
  • Sandra Friedman
  • Ed Steeves
  • Dr. Eric Paetkau
  • Marilyn Butt
  • Kareen McCaughan
  • Glen McClughan
  • Ian Cochran
  • Ex Officio Members:
  • Keith Maxwell, Chair of the Program Committee
  • Suzanne Perrault (CapU Representative)
  • SCRD Liaison: Rebecca Till


The Board of Directors oversees the operation of the Sunshine Coast ElderCollege Society. This includes developing policy and procedures, and overseeing program development for the effective operation of ElderCollege.

Monthly meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month.

The Annual General Meeting takes place in August when new Board members are elected. Board members serve two terms, each term has a duration of two years.

The Officers of the Board include the Chair, Vice-chair, Past-chair, Treasurer and Secretary




The Program Committee


      2019 to 2020

  • Keith Maxwell, Chair
  • Barb Chapman, Secretary
  • Michael Bradley
  • Dana Jantzen
  • Ron Kydd
  • Laura Maddalozzo
  • Pat McDowell
  • Jack Pope
  • Russ Tkachuk
  • Roy Wren

The Program Committee plans and carries out the Sunshine Coast ElderCollege course program with the approval of the Board. It is made up of a minimum of ten people, approved by the Board:

They include:

  • Chair, ex officio member of the Board
  • Vice-Chair
  • The Current Board Past Chair
  • At least seven others with broad interests and experience and having the skills necessary to both propose and facilitate courses.
  • One of: the Program committee Chair, Vice-Chair or Current Board Past Chair attends Board meetings and reports on behalf of the Committee to the Board at each of its meetings.

All members serve for a one-year term with no limit on the number of re-appointments.