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Recent  Sunshine Coast ElderCollege Newsletters

November 8, 2021: Reminder about the Exciting Microscopy Course starting soon

October 26, 2021: Reminder about the Do Not Fall for Fraud course starting soon

October 15, 2021: Reminder about two courses that start soon, Shakespeare – Contemporaries and Conspiracies and Solar Energy”

October 5, 2021: Reminder about the upcoming course “Artist in the Studio”

September 26, 2021: Reminder Indigenous Stories at the Free Clifford Smith Lecture and at the Sechelt Library

September 25, 2021: Reminder Introduction to Regional Districts Government starts next week

September 18, 2021: Announcing the 2021 Free Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture (With corrected Link)

September 3, 2021: Update to our Fall 2021 Program and Reminder to sign up for the Plant Based Nutrition course

August 13,2021: Announcing the Fall 2021 Program, Preview and Start of Registration

June 5, 2021: Announcing the Spring 2021 Survey and the Fall 2021 Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture

April 12, 2021: Announcing the Preview for the Festival of the  Written Arts

March 24,2021: Correction to Law for Seniors Schedule published in our earlier Newsletter of March 22, 2021

March 22,2021: Announcing Three Courses starting in April, National Historic Sites, Restorative Justice and Law for Seniors

March 8, 2021: Announcing Cooperation with the Main Libraries on the Coast and a Peer Help Project, Libraries & Peer Help

February 15, 2021: Announcing two exciting courses starting in March, History of Rome – Monarchy & Republic and Astrogeomorphology

January 18, 2021: Announcing two courses, A History of the Garden and Elder Care in the Community