Change in Course Dates for Astrogeomorphology

Please note the dates for the Course Astrogeomorphology had to be changed due to a personal issue of the presenter. NEW DATES: Nov. 10, 17, 24 and Dec. 1 


Free Zoom Tutorial offered by ElderCollege

ElderCollege is offering a free tutorial on how to get on and use Zoom. Since all ElderCollege classes for the Fall 2020 program are online using Zoom it is important for everyone to feel comfortable about using Zoom. Here is your chance to learn about the tutorial News letter announcing the tutorial

We have put some useful instruction on how to use Zoom on our website, here the link Instructions on how to use Zoom


Fall 2020 Important Info, Program, Preview

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, ElderCollege has decided to go online. We are offering 11 courses via Zoom for Fall 2020, starting in September. As of 12:00 noon August 20, 2020 Registration is now open. Registration is via our own Website, NOT via the SCRD.

The complete Course Catalogue and Registration is on our FALL 2020 page.

The Online Preview of the Fall 2020 courses is on YouTube.

Slides used in the YouTube Preview are available here.

A handy two-page Fall 2020 Brochure is available here.


Are you still missing your Refund from cancelled Courses?

Please refer to our most recent Newsletter for an update to the process of handling Refunds!

Are You still missing Your Refund?



Have you received your course refund?

If you were registered for one of our Spring 2020 courses that was cancelled due to COVID-19, you should have received a refund. Refunds may be prorated depending on the number of days completed. If you paid with a credit card the refund will show up on your credit card statement as  “ACT*SCRDPARKSANDREC”.   You should check your recent statements to ensure this has been done, however, if you are no longer using that credit card, contact your bank to ensure you receive your refund. Please also note that the SCRD may have credited your SCRD Recreation account, so please check the balance in your account.
For all questions regarding missing refunds, please contact the SCRD at 604-885-6801.

For this and the Update & Plans for Fall 2020 also see our latest Newsletter


Update and Plans for Fall 2020

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin

We are all adapting to the changes thrust upon us by COVID 19 and the Sunshine Coast ElderCollege is no exception.

We are looking at options for the Fall 2020 ElderCollege session.  Thirteen courses are planned and will be included in the Sunshine Coast Regional Districts’s Recreation Guide.

We are working on a plan to deliver courses online and have seven courses that can be presented easily using a service like Zoom.  A recent pilot project on Zoom with 45 participants was successful and we feel this is an option for Fall.

Before we return to in-person sessions we will need to be able to do so safely and in line with current protocols. Our partners Capilano University, where most of our classes are held, and the Sunshine Coast Regional District, which handles registration, are still working on their plans for the Fall so decisions have yet to be made that will affect ElderCollege’s program delivery. 

Our age group, 55 and up, is especially vulnerable to the COVID 19 virus and we need to take every precaution. ElderCollege’s programs will evolve as needed in these changing times.  We will adapt and continue to be a force for third age education on the Sunshine Coast and we will keep you informed of our plans through newsletters and advertising.

If you’d like to share your ideas on ElderCollege’s future plans, or have suggestions for courses, please go to our web page and send us an email.  Stay safe.


How the SCRD processes refunds/credits for cancelled courses

There have been questions raised about how the SCRD processes the refunds/credits for the cancelled courses/classes.

  • You will receive or have received an email from: “SCRD Parks & Recreation” with the Subject Receipt Confirmation” 
  • This is not an invoice or receipt for payment but a confirmation for a credit to your SCRD account, for the cancelled class
  • You will receive a separate email for each course/class
  • On this email you find a link: “TO VIEW THIS RECEIPT….” with a link. Click on this link and you will find the complete information. Note that in the top right hand corner there is the heading “VOUCHER # xxxxxxxxxx” this is the Receipt Number for reference. See Link Voucher
  • The amount(s) credited are shown as ($36.75) even if it says Charge or Payment!
  • You can go to your SCRD Account and check that the credits are recorded and available for your future use.