Our History

Our History

The Challenge of Change:  The first  20 Years of Sunshine Coast ElderCollege

“Education isn’t something you can finish.” Isaac Asimov

In 2020, Sunshine Coast ElderCollege became 20 years old. Not a year to celebrate.  However, we would like to announce the publication of the “The Challenge of Change, which tells the story of the evolution of ElderCollege over two decades. (Appendices record courses and people.)

At the turn of the century, a group of trailblazing volunteers set out to create an organization to bring third age education to the coast.   Building on their success, ElderCollege’s  history describes the evolution of ElderCollege and the many challenges  it has confronted and overcome.   The history concludes with the impact of Covid and the transition to online program delivery in Fall 2020.  Over time, ElderCollege has grown significantly and is a self funded, volunteer driven organization.   

“The Challenge of Change” is published in a PDF on our web page.  Paperback (print on demand) and e-book editions will be available at a later date.

Here is the LINK to the PDF Version of The Challenge of Change