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         Wild fire at Your Doorstep
           Halfmoon Bay Screening

                    October 3rd, 6:30pm, Halfmoon Bay School

The film which ran earlier this year in Gibsons, Sechelt and Roberts Creek will be
screened again on October 3rd at the Halfmoon Bay School. The event will be
moderated by Ryan Daley, HMB Volunteer Fire Department and Dave Lasser,
SC Community Forest.
The event is being organised by the Halfmoon Bay
Citizens’ Association.

                                      The film

Catastrophic fires occur in areas where the forest meets privately owned land – where
we build our homes, businesses and infrastructure. This area of high risk is known as
the urban interface and there are many areas of vulnerability on the lower Sunshine
Coast. In 2018, we experienced our longest period of extreme fire hazard.

The film is a record of a presentation about fire made in Sechelt on June 10th, 2019.
Moderated by Dave Lasser, Operations Manager of the Community Forest with your
local fire chief in attendance, this timely event centres on a recent video featuring four
speakers expert insights into risks and remedies specific to the lower Sunshine Coast.
Experts include Bruce Blackwell, BA Blackwell & Associates; Professor Lori Daniels,
UBC Dept of Forest & Conservation Sciences; Tom Bradley, Slocan Integral Forestry
Co-operative; Brian McNaughton, Executive Director, Federation of BC Woodlots.

You will learn:
                • what the province can do
                • what your community can do
               • what you can do

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Please NOTE:

Coast Cable has been airing the Video made on EASTLINK COMMUNITY HD CHANNEL 610 as follows:

  • For EASTLINK Subscribers, it can also be found => On Demand under => Community TV tab, then under => Special Interest, then under => Coast Community Specials and its in the => 2018/2019 folder.


Useful Resources with Links:

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Why wildfires have gotten worse…. TED Talk by Paul Hessburg: Link

FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual

This 28-page manual outlines the FireSmart program and will help you identify changes you can make to help protect your home and neighbourhood from wildfire.

Download the Homeowner’s Manual (PDF)