The Amazing Life and Times of the Pacific Salmon, In-Person, COURSE CANCELLED


Presenter:  Michael Healey

We are not currently accepting registrations for this course because it has either a) been cancelled/rescheduled or b) already started.

Six species of Pacific salmon are native to the North Pacific Ocean and spawn in river systems around the Pacific Rim from California to Japan. Small numbers also occur in the Arctic Ocean and spawn in Arctic rivers. Throughout their native range, Pacific salmon are iconic species and a critical cultural resource to indigenous peoples. They are also an important economic resource where they are sufficiently abundant.

Everyone around the Pacific Rim knows something about Pacific salmon, most commonly that they migrate in great numbers from the ocean to freshwater rivers to spawn in the summer or early autumn. Few, however, know the details of the amazing lives of these complex and fascinating species.

This course will explore the life and times and the almost unbelievable capabilities of Pacific salmon. Compared with humans (we always set ourselves up as the standard to beat),  salmon can smell more odors in lower concentrations,  see more colors , sense and interpret a wider range of vibrations , swim faster and dive deeper than we can, and they can use the earth’s magnetic field to guide their amazing migrations to and from the open ocean.

If you are curious about the abilities of these beautiful fishes who inspire awe and amazement in all who come to know them, this is the course for you. 

Presenter:  Michael Healey

Dates:  Five Fridays,     October 6, 27 and November 3, 10, 17

Times:    1pm – 3pm

Venue:  Gibsons Public Market

Please note this course is also offered On ZOOM