Social Robots for Brain Health


Presenter: Dr. Jill Dosso, PhD

Spaces Available


Empowering older adults to live well and to enjoy independence in everyday activities can include complementing human care with robotic technologies such as social robots. Social robots are robots designed with a goal of supporting human users through social interaction.

Social robots come in various shapes and sizes. Dr. Jill Dosso, PhD, Neuroscience, UBC, will present online via Zoom the current state of these technologies, along with ongoing and future research in the field of robotics and aging. Participants will “meet” several social robots through videos, demonstrations, discuss benefits, potential ethical issues and be invited to participate in ongoing UBC research (optional).

Date – One Tuesday – Sept 21/21                      10:00 am – Noon

Presenter: Dr. Jill Dosso, PhD.

Venue: On Zoom