How Ethnic, Religious, and Nationalist Forces Affect World Conflict


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Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, North Africa, India/Pakistan—these are places where political conflict has been particularly violent and long-lasting.  However, even democratic countries experience violent and non-violent conflict—for instance, over immigration issues in Europe, race issues in the United States, and language issues in Canada.  But why does this conflict happen—why can’t people just settle their differences and live harmoniously?  There are many reasons, but in this short course we are going to look at three specific causes of political conflict: nationalism, ethnic difference, and religion.  We’ll examine different regions and discuss a variety of reasons for the seemingly intractable nature of the conflicts there.  We’ll also explore some of the solutions to problems of ethnic and nationalist conflict.

Presenter:  Eric Gorham

Dates:  4 Mondays – March 4, 11, 18, 25

Time:  10am to noon

Venue:  Coastal Room, Gibsons Public Market