Energy Conservation and Renewable Production


Presenter: Gerry Pageau

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First, we look at the global context to understand why we need to increase energy conservation and move to renewable energy sources.  Next, we look at the top ways to save energy at home and at work.

  • Building envelope:  Draft-proofing, insulation, windows and doors
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation systems including heat pumps
  • Lighting and appliances

Next we look at an important topic, options for generating renewable energy

  • Grid tied and off grid photo voltaic solar energy
  • Wind power electricity generators
  • Solar thermal collectors for domestic hot water or space heating

Lastly, examples will be provided showing typical equipment installation costs as well as the expected system payback.  We will also look at what a formal energy audit typically covers.

Presenter:  Gerry Pageau

Dates and Times: Four Wednesdays – October 5, 12, 19 and 26                    10am – 12pm

Venue :  Gibsons Public Market, Coastal Room