Ecology of the Salish Sea


Presenters: Dr. Michael Jackson, Dr. John Field, Jennifer Blancard BSc plus Guest Speakers

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The shorelines, estuaries, open seas and deep ocean trenches of BC and Washington State were once of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world. The area has always been the home of Coast Salish people and,  in recognition of this, the region is now officially called the Salish Sea.  Sadly, in common with many other coastal waters, the pressure from human population, pollution, climate change, ocean acidification and increasing ‘progress is taking a severe toll on this precious ecosystem.

 In this class we will learn about local initiatives underway to monitor and better understand some of the impacts and what can be done to address them. We will meet local “Citizen Scientists” who are assisting researchers in important studies focusing on a range of different topics, such as forage fish habitat and abundance, salmon escapement, changes in kelp forest distribution and pinniped population density.   It will be presented by the PODS Team including Dr. Michael Jackson, Dr. John Field, Jennifer Blancard BSc and a number of guest speakers still to be announced.

Four Wednesdays – Oct.13, 20, 27 and Nov 3rd              2 – 4 pm.

 Venue:  The Iris and Billy Griffith Nature Center – Madeira Park