Choose Planet Earth


Presenter: Michael Starr

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Is there anything we can do to prevent the worst impacts of the environmental crises: pollution, habitat loss, and climate change, or are we, and especially our children, doomed to suffer ever more frequent and more serious disasters? Will technology save us, or do we need to dramatically reduce our consumption of consumer goods and embrace a “degrowth economy”? Individuals can do a lot more than recycling to reduce their environmental impact. Some solutions can be found in our past, when we were more of a “conserver society”, but a large responsibility belongs to governments and big corporations. Individuals can influence these groups if they join with others to demand change. This course, which has been updated from last year’s offering, will explore the many choices we can make, as well as the trade-offs that we face, in trying to leave a habitable planet to our children and grandchildren. Participants will take away greater awareness of the gravity of our situation, but also greater hope in the power of individuals and communities to make a difference This course will take a practical look at what we as individuals can do to reduce our environmental impact, and how we can be advocates for change with governments and other organizations. The emphasis will be on local opportunities for the Sunshine Coast. Participants will be encouraged to share their ideas on how to “live lightly on the Earth”.

Presenter:  Michael Starr

Dates:  4 Tuesdays  –  April 4, 11, 18, 25                                      10am – Noon

 Venue: The Hall, St. Hilda’s Church, Sechelt