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Geomorphology is the science concerned with the forms of the land surface, the processes that create them, and their historical development. Astrogeomorphology examines the landforms of the major solid bodies of the Solar System (and beyond?), including Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and several moons. We begin our exploration with a brief history of the Universe and then focus on impact craters, tectonics, volcanoes, and landforms created by rivers, wind, glaciers and other processes. Finally, we speculate on surface features of exoplanets such as TRAPPIST-1e, voted best ‘Hab Zone’ vacation within 12 parsecs of Earth!

Presenter – Ray Kostaschuk

Four Tuesdays 2 PM – 4 PM

NEW DATES: Nov 10, 17, 24 and Dec  1

Online with Zoom – participant will need an internet connected computer or another device with the Zoom application enabled