Access to Fresh Water, on ZOOM


Presenters:  Ray Kostaschuk, Peter Hews, Brian Carson and Shane Walkey

We are not currently accepting registrations for this course because it has either a) been cancelled/rescheduled or b) already started.

Fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource here and elsewhere.  This course will examine the distribution, movement and accessibility of freshwater on global, national and local scales.

We will then explore what our local sources of fresh water are, such as aquifers, and particularly the Church Road aquifer. (Weather permitting, there will be a field trip to Church Road aquifer).

There will be discussion on the management of the Chapman Creek watershed and others on the Sunshine Coast regarding their potential as a source of fresh water. (Weather permitting, there will be a field trip to Chapman Creek).

Finally, we will have a review by a representative of the SCRD of our existing water systems and how water gets from the source to our taps, and what the SCRD’s short and long term initiatives are to ensure that we have access to fresh water locally. 

Presenters:  Ray Kostaschuk, Peter Hews, Brian Carson and Shane Walkey

Dates:  Various Days for Classroom Sessions,    August 31, September 7, September 25 and October 11

Times:   10am to 12pm

Venue:  On ZOOM

Field Trips (*):  – September 7, to Church Rd. Aquifer; on September 25 to Chapman Creek ; and on October 11, to the Water Treatment Plant

(*) Times for the Field Trips will be announced in the first class on August 31. There will be an opportunity to sign up for the field trips. They are limited to a max. of 25 persons. If more persons sign up there may be additional trips arranged.

Please note this course is also offered In-Person at the Gibsons Public Market