2023 Free Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture


Presenter: Dr. Val Napoleon

Availability: Spaces Available

Indigenous Law and Conversation Across Generations

Presenter:  Dr. Val Napoleon

Dr. Val Napoleon is Acting Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Victoria and the founder of the JD/JID Program, which combines two professional degrees:  one in Canadian Common Law and one in Indigenous Legal Orders.

Date: Saturday October 28

Time:             2pm – 4pm

Venue:  Chatelech High School Theatre, Sechelt

“With this talk, I would like to provoke a range of perceptions and questions about the role and function of law in Indigenous civic society in the past and today. Why are critical and productive conversations important, and how do we understand legitimacy? How are we all legal agents, and how might we draw on stories to reinvigorate law.”

This course is free and open to all ages, but you must register, as space is limited.