How the SCRD processes refunds/credits for cancelled courses

There have been questions raised about how the SCRD processes the refunds/credits for the cancelled courses/classes.

  • You will receive or have received an email from: “SCRD Parks & Recreation” with the Subject Receipt Confirmation” 
  • This is not an invoice or receipt for payment but a confirmation for a credit to your SCRD account, for the cancelled class
  • You will receive a separate email for each course/class
  • On this email you find a link: “TO VIEW THIS RECEIPT….” with a link. Click on this link and you will find the complete information. Note that in the top right hand corner there is the heading “VOUCHER # xxxxxxxxxx” this is the Receipt Number for reference. See Link Voucher
  • The amount(s) credited are shown as ($36.75) even if it says Charge or Payment!
  • You can go to your SCRD Account and check that the credits are recorded and available for your future use.