Sunshine Coast Elder College

Spring 2019

Take Charge of Your Health Care

As we age, the need grows to understand how potential health issues are diagnosed and treated.  This course offers a unique opportunity to learn about aspects of our health care system that may eventually be important to you or your loved ones.  

  1. Medical Imaging in Cancer Treatment: CT, MRI, PET scans. What are they, when do we need them, and what do they tell us?   
  2. The Emergency Room: How does it all work?
  3. How to make being diagnosed with diabetes a good thing!
  4. Vertigo: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Four Fridays, January 11 to February 1

Times 2 pm to 4 pm
Location Capilano University Campus, Sechelt

1. Dr. Fiona Mitchell

2. Dr. Courtenay Crowell

3. Dr. John Hourigan

4. Dr. Jaymi Dumper.

Course fee $36.75 (GST incl.)