Sunshine Coast Elder College

Fall 2019


The focus of this course is the diverse arsenal of cells that are uniquely specialized to distinguish between self and not self, collectively known as the immune system.

    The class will cover:

a) Immune system processes that respond to bacterial or viral attacks.

b) Prevention of organ rejection after transplant and what has been learned from a deeper understanding of the mechanisms.

c) How the mammalian embryo is protected from immune rejection by the mother although its cells consist to 50% of paternal not self.

d) Degenerative diseases due to the immune system’s mistaken recognition of the body as being not self.

e) Cancer immunotherapy—the emerging science of mobilizing the immune system to attack tumours.

Dates Four Tuesdays, Nov. 12 to Dec. 3
Times 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Location Capilano University, Sechelt Campus

Dr. Erwin Diener

Course fee $36.75 (GST incl.)