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Class Presentations

Class Presentations

Copies of handouts from class presentations
  (for the current season and the previous one)

(Note, some of these files are  locked with a password
that was given to class participants by their instructor.
Passwords are different for each of these locked files.)

 NB If you have difficulty opening the file online, try
downloading it to your computer first, then opening it
and applying the password.

Spring 2020 Classes

Social Media Bootcamp (protected),
Julie Rogers

Week 1 slides

Facebook 101

Twitter 101

Instagram 101

Social Media Security tips


A History of Drink and  Drinking (protected)
Rosemary Bates Terry  and Christine Pawley


Week 1 slides

Week 2 slides

Week 3 slides

Week 4 slides



Take Care of your Health (protected)
various presenters


  Home Care

Dental Care



Speculative Fiction, Daniel Heath Justice (protected)




Reading list






Carbonate Geology on the Sunshine Coast, Peter Hews (protected)

Week 1


Carbonate quiz





Fall 2019 Classes

Living In and With the Anthropocene Michael Bradley (protected)

Week 1 slides

Risk & Uncertainty









Article about Norm


Solar Energy  Gerry Pageau (protected)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Shade spreadsheet

Solar Payback


Plant Based Nutrition Deborah and Gerry Pageau (protected)

Week 1 slides

Week 2 slides

Week 3 slides

Week 4 slides     




History of Western Theatre (protected) presented by Viveca Ohm

Week 1 slides

Week 2 slides

Week 3 slides

Week 4 slides




Geology of Thormanby Island (protected) presented by Peter Hews


Igneous Rocks

The Derby



Mainland Rocks on SunCoast

Misc. Files/Links

Microscope Images

The Field Trip


Spring 2019 Classes

Law for Seniors (protected)

Intentions, Wishes and Wills

Estate Planning

Estates Probate Administration



Festival of the Written Arts

Book List for morning session   

Book list for afternoon session

(note one book differs between
       the 2 session lists)



Our Ancient DNA
Presented by Joe Harrison

Reading list

Week 1 Slides (protected)

Ancient DNA Worksheets (protected)

Principles of Human Evolution  (protected)


Early Canadian History
Presented by Keith Maxwell (protected)

Week 1 slides

Week 2 slides

Week 3 slides





The Use and Abuse of Social Media

Journalism: (Sean Eckford, Teresa Eckford and Janette Helmuth)
Politics: (Bruce Milne and Julie Rogers)
all slides are password protected


Week 1 slides
Jessica Marola-Hugh

Week 2 – Part 1 slides

Week 2 – Part 2 slides

Week 2 – Reading list

Week 2 – Supplement


Climate of change
Presented by Jim Pawley (unlocked)

Week 1 slides

Link to Greta Thunberg TEDx Stockholm Talk

 Clean BC (the full report)

Week2 slides

Week3 slides (Climate Change, Forest, Fire) (Bradley)

Link to an interesting Ted talk on Forest Fire

Week 4 slides

Week 5 slides

Week 6 slides



The Geology of the Gibsons Aquifer


Presented by Peter Hews (some files locked)

Grain size chart

Rock and Mineral labels

Sunshine Coast Rock types

Week 1: Introduction

Week 1: Geological History

Week 1: SC Glacial story

January Review

Gibsons Aquifer

Gibsons Aquifer Documents

Weathering and Erosion

Porosity, Permeability and Water Quality

Langdale Creek Aquitard


Suggested reading:

Geology of British Columbia: A Journey through 
Time, by CanningsNelsonCannings


Link to detailed geological map of the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island


The following link will take you to the 2013 Gibsons Aquifer Mapping Study,
completed by Waterline Resources (Report excluding appendices):
The appendices can be found at



Fall 2018 Classes

The History of Food: Growing, Cooking, Eating,

presented by Christine Pawley and Rosemary Bates (locked)

Week 1 Handout

Week 1 Presentation

Week 2 Handout

Week 2 Presentation

Week 3 Handout

Week 3 Presentation

Week 4 Handout

Week 4 Presentation





The Art and Science of the Microscope,
presented by Michael Bradley (locked)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Buying a home microscope (not locked)





Riding the Rollercoaster: Transformation of
the BC EConomy, presented by Brett McGillivray (locked)

Week 1 (Colonial era until 1901)

Week 2 (1905- post WWII)

Week 3 (post WWII -2001

Week 4 (2001 – current)


Imagining Animals On Badgers, Raccoons,
and writing animal histories presented by
Daniel Justice and Margery Fee (locked)

Week 1 Badgers, Daniel Justice

Week 2, Raccoons, Daniel Justice

Week 3, Polar Bears, Margery Fee









Spring 2018 Classes

How Rivers Shape our Planet & Civilization
presented by Ray Kostaschuck (locked)

Fluvial systems

River Hydrology

Sedimentary Processes

River Morphology

Global Change

Field trip guide



Solar Energy (locked)
presented by Gerry Pageau
Presentation Week 1

Presentation Week 2

Presentation Week 3

Presentation Week 4

Effect of shade (xls)

Solar Payback (xls)



Take Charge of your Health (locked)
Dementia, Dr. Marius Welgemoed

Cardiac conditions, Dr. Sara Wadge

Sleep Problems, Dr. Rob Comey

Opioids, Dr Laura Knebel 



The Anthropocene (locked)
presented by Michel Bradley,
Sarama and Sean Blenkinsop

Presentation Week 1

Presentation Week 2

Biodiversity video (PBS)

Week 3 reading



Plant based Nutrition (locked)
presented by Deborah & Gerry Pageau

Presentation Week 1 (Env.Cost)

Presentation Week 2 (Hum.Dig._Physiology)

Presentation Week3 (Diseases)

Presentation Week4




Law for Seniors (locked)
presented by Lisa Rae

Presentation Week 1

Presentation Week 2



Geology of the Sunshine Coast (locked)
presented by Peter Hews

Week 1 (notes from Peter)

Igneous rock formation

Igneous rock quiz

Fraser Lowland Coast Mountains Map

Georgia Basin Section

Reception Point field trip (docs)

Reception Point field trip (images)

Reception Point interpretative diagram





Fall 2017 classes

How Microbes Made Earth Habitable (locked)

Week 1 (notes from Joe)

Week2 (notes from Joe)

Week 3 Isotopes

Week 3 Principles of Evolution

Demonstration – Relative Size

The Faecal Freeway (revised)

Believing is Fine (Immune system notes from Dr. Diener)



Canada and the Second World War (locked)

Week  1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4



Music to my Ears

Week 2 Randeesh Goff (pdf locked)






Why Indigenous Literatures Matter
presented by Daniel Justice

Week 1 (essay)





Spring 2017 Classes

Plate Tectonics Explains Everything
presented by Don Trotter (locked)

Week 1 (slides)

Week 2 (slides)

Week 3 (slides)






The Art and Science of the Microscope
presented by Michael Bradley (locked)
Week 1 (slides) 

Week 2 (slides)

Week 3 (slides)

Week 4 (slides)

Week 5 – Practical (slides)

Notes from Joe Harrison

Link to the “Inner Life of the Cell”video

Slides on Fluorescent microscopy by Dr. Jim Pawley

Dr Nicholas Cole on using Zebra fish in research into motor neuron disease

Article describing use of Zebra fish in medical research

How to use and Adjust a Compound Microscope          


          Solar Energy presented by Gerry Pageau (locked)
         Week 1

         Shade Calculator spreadsheet
         Bill of Materials
         Payback Calculator



First Nations of BC:Re-claiming their land
presented by Brett McGillivray (locked)
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3


100percentgreenpeace50Can we get to 100% Renewables?

(click here to link directly to the presenters site)