Sunshine Coast Elder College

Spring 2018

The Anthropocene: From hunter-gatherer to geophysical force

Human-driven climate change is only one of many challenges that our land, forests, rivers, oceans and even ‘near space’ must face during the 21st century and beyond. We have entered what is now being called the Anthropocene epoch, the Age of Humans. We have become so numerous, our technologies so powerful, that we have become a force of nature on a geological scale. This class will introduce the concept of the Anthropocene epoch, and reveal its consequences — including the increased severity of forest fires here in BC. In one class we will watch The Living Salish Sea by local filmmaker Sarama, and we will close with a facilitated discussion on the philosophical, moral, political and economic issues raised by the course. Presenters: Michael Bradley, Sarama, Sean Blenkinsop.


 4 Wednesdays, Feb 21st – March 14th

Times 2 – 4 pm
Location Capilano University, Sechelt Campus

Michael Bradley
Sean Blenkinsop

Course fee $36.75 (GST incl.)
Special notes Week 3 will include the film
“The Living Salish Sea”