Sunshine Coast Elder College

Spring 2018

Geology of the Sunshine Coast

Learn how to read the fascinating story written in local rocks. The Sunshine Coast began

as one of a number of separate volcanic island groups near Scandinavia and Eastern

Siberia, 250 million years ago. Later these groups were propelled west by plate

tectonics and collided with North America at various times as it rotated and moved west,

beginning 180 million years ago during the Age of Dinosaurs. More recently, the geology

of the Coast was radically sculpted by ice and volcanism  during the Ice Ages of three

million years ago. It’s all there to read in the local landscape.



Wednesday, Jan 3rd and Friday Mar 23rd
Wednesday Mar 21st Field Trip

Times 9.00 – 12.00
Locations Capilano University, Sechelt Campus
Field Trip to Reception Pt. at low tide
Presenters Peter Hews
Course fee $36.75 (GST incl.)
Special notes The field trip includes a 150 step staircase