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Class Presentations

Class Presentations

Copies of handouts from class presentations
  (for current session and the previous one)

(Note, some of these files are  locked with a password
that was given to class participants by their instructor.
Passwords are different for each of these locked files.)

 NB If you have difficulty opening the file online, try
downloading it to your computer first, then opening it
and applying the password.



Spring 2018 Courses

Geology of the Sunshine Coast (locked)
presented by Peter Hews

Week 1 (notes from Peter)

Igneous rock formation

Igneous rock quiz





Fall 2017 classes

How Microbes Made Earth Habitable (locked)

Week 1 (notes from Joe)

Week2 (notes from Joe)

Week 3 Isotopes

Week 3 Principles of Evolution

Demonstration – Relative Size

The Faecal Freeway (revised)

Believing is Fine (Immune system notes from Dr. Diener)



Canada and the Second World War (locked)

Week  1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4



Music to my Ears

Week 2 Randeesh Goff (pdf locked)






Why Indigenous Literatures Matter
presented by Daniel Justice

Week 1 (essay)





Spring 2017 Classes

Plate Tectonics Explains Everything
presented by Don Trotter (locked)

Week 1 (slides)

Week 2 (slides)

Week 3 (slides)






The Art and Science of the Microscope
presented by Michael Bradley (locked)
Week 1 (slides) 

Week 2 (slides)

Week 3 (slides)

Week 4 (slides)

Week 5 – Practical (slides)

Notes from Joe Harrison

Link to the “Inner Life of the Cell”video

Slides on Fluorescent microscopy by Dr. Jim Pawley

Dr Nicholas Cole on using Zebra fish in research into motor neuron disease

Article describing use of Zebra fish in medical research

How to use and Adjust a Compound Microscope          


          Solar Energy presented by Gerry Pageau (locked)
         Week 1

         Shade Calculator spreadsheet
         Bill of Materials
         Payback Calculator



First Nations of BC:Re-claiming their land
presented by Brett McGillivray (locked)
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3


100percentgreenpeace50Can we get to 100% Renewables?

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